How We Do It

How we give you more for less:

Shared Resources:
The concept of sharing resources is quite simple yet extremely cost efficient.
Sharing maintenance personnel between complexes allows us to provide 8 hours of work to a vendor or contractor. The daily rate is considerably lower than the hourly rate for the same hours of coverage.
This concept also eliminates the minimum hour rule which most contractors charge. Your Association needs only pay for the hours maintenance is needed.

Online Billing and Documents
Online billing and auto debit from your checking or bank account will eliminate late payment fees. It will also allow the networked HOA’s a direct cost savings in manual input hours that will be passed directly to the HOA. Common documents will be online 24-hours a day. Eliminating the need to pay for copies or postage.

Online Problem Management
Our online ticketing system allows any registered user to open a trouble call 24-hours a day. If there is a problem, an online form allows you to describe the issue needing attention. That problem/complaint will be sent immediately via email to both the main office and someone in the field. This eliminates “forgotten” issues that require multiple phone calls. An “open” ticket status remains on our dashboard until it is resolved allowing you to follow the progress of the issue at hand from start to finish.

Streamlined Telephone Response
By using the latest technologies in communication your requests are immediately directed to the personnel more suited to fulfill your needs.

Onsite Presence
We like “hands on management” because it allows us to correct issues before they become problems. Because we keep our network small it allows us to allot time to each HOA site. We’ve more than once experienced the surprise owners had to actually seeing someone from their management company other than in a meeting environment.

Networked Vendors and Contractors
Because we manage multiple sites, we have access to reliable contractors that in exchange for the steady work provide us with pricing below their competitors. This savings is passed directly to the HOAs.
Projects being considered in one HOA are circulated to the rest of the HOA”s in the network, by combining the projects into one project we are able to negotiate a lower cost for the HOA’s.
This concept works from painting to snow removal allowing HOA’s to reduce costs and control maintenance fees.