The Network

East Coast HOA Management understands the needs of HOA’s and also understands that most needs are not something called on daily. With this in mind the concept of networking resources evolved. While one HOA may not need a maintenance worker 5 days a week, 16 HOA’s statistically will. This allows us to negotiate a lower per-hour rate and the savings can be passed directly to the HOA’s. It also permits workers to be scheduled faster and efficiently.

Other savings can be realized with costs related to office supplies. By pooling resources and providing your association with an online document library your Association immediately acquires a savings of between 15-20 percent on office expenses. All of the common documents will be available online 24-hours a day. Flat Fee options for office expenses are also available allowing your Association to stay on budget. Your online account set up by East Coast HOA Management will enable you to pay your Maintenance fee’s online and schedule auto debit so you will never incur a late fee again. It will also allow the resident to open trouble and maintenance work orders which will be directed to a contractor, handled by us, or forwarded to the right people.

This is a small snapshot of the potential savings. As the network grows additional savings get passed down to the HOA’s. Our goal is to keep the HOA’s we have and be assured contract renewal every year by keeping costs down and efficiency high.